What would you do? ?


What would you do? ?



  1. Years ago a buddy of mine was in the Aberdare’s on his bike and was hurrying to get back to camp in a downpour. He came around a corner to find a whole pride, cubs and all, crossing the road. With no chance of stopping in the mud he low sided and let the bike go hoping that he himself would stop sliding before he was among them. Fortunately for him they left him alone.

  2. Rodney Unruh Aberdare National Park or somewhere else around there? Visited a couple of years ago and I was told the lion population was moved to Nakuru so Hyenas are the top predators there now. Unless the bastard did not want to put up with demands from us to see a lion πŸ™‚

  3. Bill Mike, that happend back in the late 80’s but it was in the park proper. The info on the lion population being moved is correct. However, there are a few holdovers that are spotted from time to time, but there are very few anymore. Since I like fishing up there, I am grateful for that! I don’t fancy meeting a lion with only a fishing rod in my hand…