heey people a super bike of this kind brand new at the bravia show room…3 million kenyan shillings. I almost asked the manager kwani iko na Airbags.


heey people a super bike of this kind brand new at the bravia show room…3 million kenyan shillings. I almost asked the manager kwani iko na Airbags.



  1. Alex Muriuki your a genius 🙂 & guys the KRA CRSP value for the BMW S1000 RR is Ksh. 2,867,200 so tax for a brand new one will be Ksh. 747,449. The least tax payable is Ksh. 224,235 & that for one aged between 7-8 years. I have to take back my comments about Yamaha Kenya screwing us up. The database for KRA that has been screwed if for BMW’s. Huge database and the cheapest bike am seeming for BMW is the GS at Ksh. 1.3M. If any dealer has screwed anyone up the it’s Bravia.

  2. I don’t know much about the super bike category ask me about sport bikes am in…now my question is how comes guys aren’t mentioning the hayabusa, I still feel that it’s the second fastest bike after some other strange batman like bike that’s on the news. BMW just because of its name and design particularly the latter. Doesn’t mean it beats the Hayabusa I think it all depends on the rider I would say so…now anyone selling a high end laptop that can hold heavy demanding programs like 3rd max to reach me with pics and price

  3. Clement Maina Its never about the speed alone. Its about the whole package. How the bike feels when it leans in corners, the technology behind it performance, comfort and also the mechanical performance. And not to forget maintenance (which the BMW fails miserably…coz it rates the most expensive of all bikes… And if I’m not wrong Ducatti comes second)… same as in cars; Japan vs Germany). In a nutshell its all about the holistic experience not just the speed. Hapo Hayabusa (2014) wins… with a top speed of upto 350km/h, BMW S1000RR (2014) clocks 325km/h and that has been smashed by the 400–420 km/h (claimed) top speed of the Kawasaki H2R (which is track only bike i.e. illegal on the roads) with a top speed of 400–420 km/h (claimed)… I still don’t know the top speed of H2 (street legal version).

  4. Ralph Ngugi Totally right. Its the control you have on the bike. Not the bike controlling you. And most of the tech you see now as starndard on most superbikes were first introduced on the First BMW S1000RR. Which they say took over the numbers bike sport immediately it was launched and has never turned back.

  5. Their ABS is even lighter by 50% than their rivals, its like they have access to materials only NASA can get hehehe I still love kawasakis especially when those limiters are removed and you get a whole bloody 15hp before getting an aftermarket pipe even. So many restrictions on these Japanese bikes and bikes headed to the U.S. its absurd. I love those S1000rr headlights, but im sure servicing this bike would cost more than buying it hahaha also the ducati would most likely cost more than this bike and still under perform.

  6. Btw. …The BMW s1000rr is a standard bike … Whilst the h2r is a turbo propelled bike….. people plz get your fact ls right before u comment coz u r talking to bikers hia not just some random bike lover…. BMW s1000rr and it’s elder brother HP4…. ARE THE WORLD’S FASTEST. ..SAFEST. ..standard SUPERBIKES.. ..

  7. Shoks Bwana what Alex Muriuki means is the amount your tax computations are based on and not the purchase price locally from the dealer. Those are totally different things. KRA has show wonderful mathematics. So no matter how low you go you will always pay like double the tax you ought to pay. The tax men, ahh!!! You cann’t tell them that since you bought it for Ksh. 1.42M they should charge you duty plus vat on that whilst their system says a figure more than double that figure. You cann’t win.

  8. Shoks Bwana congratulations on the BMW S1000RR. It was made to dominate the dominate the superbike category so I guess I wouldn’t be far off if I crowned you superbike king. The noise were making is about over valuation by KRA which leads to over taxation. All we are in a position of doing is making noise wish we could hack into their system and input a more real figure. Congratulations again on the S1000RR 🙂

  9. I rode a 2014 S1000 in Germany! Very nimble, ABS was AWESOME! Got it to 188mph on the Autobahn and let off. (was probably at 5000RPMS) Now question, my 06 GSXR that my buddy sold to me for $6000 will cost me the retail value in tax to ship it to Kenya (as opposed to what my purchase price and loan show)

  10. @ Michael DeSouza….my current bike is not an S1000RR it is a 2014 bmw Hp4 Competition 🙂 btw l have previously owned and ridden two models of the S1000rr… a 2010 model and a 2012 model….awesome machines…l mean AWESOME…..none compares @ all…..The HP4….hmm….really l can’t find words to describe………no bike…….and l repeat a thousand times no Bike can compare….period…!…..cheers !

  11. Andrew Okemwa from the link KRA do not have a value for the Gixxer as at 2014. This should mean that they will use the value you declare to them. This could be to your advantage if you undervalue it. They normally use the cost of a new gixxer and depreciate it. Talk to a clearing a forwarding agent to get more nitty gritty advice. CONFIRM IF THE 8 YEAR RULE APPLIES TO BIKE BEFORE SHIPPING IT. Would be a disaster for you if the 8 year rule applies as the bike wouldn’t be allowed in Kenya.