1. I met him in Coast yesterday!! We fueled at the same petrol station. Told me he took a quick ride the day before (Sunday), spent a night and was returning to Nai… I wasn’t riding though. I left him checking his oil and the next thing I knew he was blazing past me with his pillion at the back. Yaani someone rode pillion on an Apache from Nbo to Coast and back, damn!

    He overtook us at Mariakani… I didn’t meet him again

  2. It could look odd or a bit out of fashion, but these lights really get a cager to notice you on the road, and in this way you are somehow if not totally, safe. Turning the bike’s front lights on (even during daytime) is the way to ride on a busy road, especially if you are overtaking a cager on the left side (blind side if the vehicle is right handed), leave alone lane splitting. Don’t worry that the lights will drain the battery. As long as the RPM is over 2,000 to 3,000, the battery gets recharged. This is a very strong advice, please follow it.

  3. Kitui when those lorries head for me I don’t get out the way. I stop the bike, put it on the stand in the middle of the road, and step to the side myself and watch. They choose to ride over my bike, or pull back over to their side. They all pull back over as I just watch.

  4. That light is a hazard. Yes, you want to be seen but when it causes other road users to look away or experience white spots after being blinded then you end up doing more harm than good. I am a victim of this very light and it was not pleasant. There are less harmful ways to see & be seen i.e. Led belts/ strips, HID headlamps, strobe lights etc.