Who rides on Thika road on a regular basis? I need a few pointers on how to handle that damn road considering I’m running in my bike (just got it today btw) & I’m not keen on meeting my maker yet…


Who rides on Thika road on a regular basis? I need a few pointers on how to handle that damn road considering I’m running in my bike (just got it today btw) & I’m not keen on meeting my maker yet. Any pointers mates?



  1. If you keep to the left, watck out for ruthless idiots cutting you off to take the exit and if you keep to the right then watch out for subaru maniacs trying to squeeze thru the space between you and the car on the next lane. The decision on who to outsprint and who to let pass entirely depend on you and your bikes capability but it might be all that your safety depends on.

  2. Steve, I’m on an Apache. Cutting my teeth on it. Thanks for the concern everyone. I really appreciate it. Feeling welcome already
    Godfrey, no trying to out sprint anyone yet. I need to practice restraint & a certain amount of decorum on the road

  3. I drive up and down that road every day at the worst times. To get to work and to get back at home. Just move at a reasonable speed, a lot of bikers make the mistake of thinking if they go at like 60 kph on that road they are safer than if they are at about 100kph. It’s actually more dangerous at lower speeds cos of the lorries/buses and matatus cutting in from everywhere. When in lane stay in the middle of the lane not on the extreme left or right so your visible. Lastly have your parking lights on.
    I’m also learning on a Pulsar 220F

  4. It’s always about you and what limits you set for yourself based on your confidence levels under various conditions. I advise to never split lanes unless in traffic – if you let the cagers share the lane with you at high speed, they will sooner run you off the road. Stay sober, know your limits, come to terms with your bike and what it can handle comfortably. Stay a lane away from the githurai buses and always avoid these cars – Vitz, platz, subaru and the worst – prados!!

  5. I ride to Airtel building in Mombasa road every day from Westlands on my XR400. To say it’s a horrible journey is an understatement. They all drive like Stevie Wonder. I ride extremely offensively, as I believe the best form of defense is a good offense. The loud exhaust really helps, I tend to blip the throttle whilst filtering through the traffic.

  6. I have to go all the way down Thika Rd then on to Msa Rd, with my car it used to take me 1 and a haf hours to get to work in the morning and 2hrs plus to get back home. Also spending like kes 500 a day on fuel.
    Now 30 mins to work 45 mins back home and about 200 a day.
    God I love my bike.

  7. a black Bajaj Pulsar 220F, I have a Teknic jacket and black helmet. I need more safety clothing… I was going to get a KTM 520 exc (which shouldn’t be road legal) or a Yamaha XT400 but I’m a beginner biker and tall bikes are not the best for beginners. Also getting parts for those bikes would be a pain in the ass.
    Who knew getting parts for a Bajaj Pulsar 220f would be as well. I am told it’s the only 220 F in Kenya and have to get the parts from Dubai. Also I want more noise from my exhaust! The exhaust for the Bike is supposed to be good (something to do with it swirling the fumes around) But it’s to damn quiet.

  8. Well definitely an aggressive riding style. Since I’m normally behind rider X. I get to see the look on drivers faces after he has passed. Also a lot of going off the road which I did try once to follow and then realized that my tires are not made for any loose surfaces when I downshifted. So it could be.

  9. Cliff,ride the bike the speed you feel comfortable with.keep off the far left lane.make sure ur lights are always on but on dim status.importantly,know the traffic behind u via sidemirrors.NOTE;kenyan drivers are very ignorant on bikers.dont let anger get into ua head.u have more to loose.mostly,women drivers tend to push us out of the road.be on the look out.take extra care when handling those rubble strips.finally,ride,ride,ride,ride and ride hard again.

  10. My Two cents: keep your speed higher than 100 kph like someone mentioned above. You can up it to 140 depending on the descent or ascent you are at. On a rainy day remain between 60 – 80. Keep on the middle lane. Make sure your brakes and horn are quite good and keep the alertness of a gazelle always. Oh, and keep your low lights on

  11. The advice for going fast is sound but since you’re new to riding, I’m assuming your confidence level is not yet enough and I’m also assuming you don’t know the safe braking distance ideal for your bike when going fast. In my view, keep a steady line and average pace. Knowing when to speed up will come with some experience. Even if your side mirrors are adjusted correctly, there are always blind spots beside you, know exactly where they are and when you’re changing lanes and are in doubt, there’s no harm in turning your head swiftly to make sure. I always have my lights on full beam and honk my horn regularly especially when I notice dodgy driving. Never overtake from the left. When you’re behind a cager, position yourself slightly outside the right of the vehicle so as to be visible from the driver’s side mirror. Make good use of indicators even if a vehicle is far behind when changing lanes, you’d be surprised at how fast a car can catch up especially on a super highway. Since it’s an apache, I’m assuming you got the “free” helmet which has a shitty visor and doesn’t fit properly. Get a proper helmet if your’s is loose. Cheers 😉

  12. I don’t use any of their shitty gear. I got a proper Ducchini helmet with the sun visor inside from Bikers Garage & I have fieldsheer gloves & jacket (imported) with blytz riding boots. Got reflective straps too. No boda boda vest. No compromise on my safety.
    About speed on Thika road, I think I’ll avoid break neck speeds for now. I used the main highway when going to town but I use the service lane when heading back. I’d rather not be near those Githurai buses.
    I think I’ve seen that Pulsar taking forest road before. I was wondering who it belonged to.
    Just hit 100.7km on day two 🙂

  13. & I’m honestly touched by the overwhelming response I’m getting from everyone on safe riding tips. Thank you fellow riders. I appreciate it.
    Oh, Brian, I’ll probably get those knee & shin guards but I’ll import them from the UK myself. Choice of variety via online shopping 🙂