Ok guys am not an apache or a Zmr rider.But why should a 30 kitu or a 40 yr old …


Ok guys am not an apache or a Zmr rider.But why should a 30 kitu or a 40 yr old fela discourage/hate on a young fella like me who is just 24yrs fresh from campus on my first job and first small bike? which you guys say(“hii inatumiaga kiberiti kuwasha au nini? ) man thats what i can afford for now!!!!!! i will upgrade in future and meet your standards of a superbike.Your agemates are driving 6+milli suv cars while you are riding a 500k second hand superbike and you feel that you the man/female of the year???? nuh let us be us.If you were born rich some of us are hustlers lool.Its a matter of time and we gonna be riding em ducattis and bmws on these Nairobi while you on your death bed dying coz of age!!!!! Respect each ones ride as long is a 2 wheelZ. #BikeLife.



  1. Lanes bro lanes

    Ngoja upashwe utajua lanes ni muhimu,hizi streets zina wenyewe you cant take that ZMR to java and Sit on the same table with the bimmer guys and talk about two wheels with them.

    Until you av that 500k second hand bike relax and take that punch as a man and use it to better yourself and get that Bimmer or Ducati you desire.

    Until then Lanes bro

  2. Muz-ley Francis Felipe relax, u can’t control others, but you can control YOUR perception of them. Its your life, do your thing. Remember the storo of the guy on s journey with his wife n a donkey…u decide what to pi k or DROP from others. Do gave a lovely braapful weekend

  3. Herein lies the problem with this generation that graduated after nursery. They were all winners so now they want to be babied throughout their meaningless existence. Boss for now ride what you’re riding with pride. Some of the guys riding 3million shilling bikes started off riding a bicycle. So keep your feelings tucked in with your sweater and grow a real pair.