hi, i just imported 3 of these helmets…trust me they are the only ones in town…


hi, i just imported 3 of these helmets…trust me they are the only ones in town. Who wants to book with 6k?balance payable of 8k upon delivery.

Super cool stuff, ride with style


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  1. Sally wonderful idea, I like the fun of crushing stuff.
    However wont you agree crashing it is already undermined by the fact tht it is ECE certified? (I think they do all the crashing and hitting before the give a helmet a safety approval) Gakumo Migwi
    Kiptormoi Kibet Arap Nate Hinton Kitui Djothefu I like the fact that you are all safety conscious…and that is what all riders should attempt to achieve. However, I still find it worth reasoningthat the visibilityissue surely in all fairness must have been incorporated in the architectural design of the helmet. Its only that perceivedly it looks abit different from what we are Conditioned to but am sure being alittle flexible and open minded is actually a good thing huh 🙂

  2. We sell a lot of helmets and the ece safety rating is a recognised standard . The original brand for this helmet did achieve a ece standard . There is a us company who sell these who have done a review on thier youtube channel who do comment on reduced visabilty from what you might expect from a more conventional helmet . However any buyer may consider if that is a factor in terms of their own decision to buy but its not a thing i would advise anyone overlooks . Periperal vision is very important in our safety . The other thing to mention is that be sure you are buying a genuine product and not one from a copy cat company . Im not suggesting this person is selling copies . What my point is that buyers need to be carefull as some people who sell stuff dont care if its genuine or not . To check if it has a genuine ece approval you will find the detials on the inside of the helmet most copies may put on a sticker but dont go to the effort of puting in the marking inside the helmet . I trust everyone will read my comment in view of my best intentions . Its not my agenda to disrupt the post or ruin any sale.