So today, on my way back home from Church i met a very interesting person…. in…


So today, on my way back home from Church i met a very interesting person…. infact, i had just reached home…. so as i put the bike on the side, so as to open the gate to ride in, someone in a toyota noah, honks at me….
being a biker, or rather when you ride, when someone in an automobile with more then three wheels honks at you, when you are just about to get home, you wonder whom might you have you pissed off…

So the person on the driver’s sit signals me to come over in a polite calm tone… this atleast put me at peace, as clearly this was going to turn out into a friendly conversation…. seeinf how beautiful my bike looks like, he probably was just curious as to know where i got the bike from

He starts the conversation…”I saw you riding in, and I knew by all means you can not be a boda boda guy….”….. Then he introduced himself, I am Gathu aka Webman, and i ride a 1400 cc….This definitely left me speechless as am on my 180cc UM xtreet… so clearly; yes my bike has sweet looks, but him riding a 1400, he wasnt really stopping me because of the bike, but because he is a rider…. all the same i wasnt crushed, i still know my bike looks good…. hahaha

the conversation went on for a while, and i couldnt help myself but take a selfie with him….

I started riding my own bike like 3 weeks ago… i must say, the biking community, is really pleasant….
It was nice meeting you Eskimani Webman Gathu, a very nice pleasant man, who has more riding experience than twice my age…. lol…


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  1. @joan thank you very much (in Elvis presley’s voice)
    i started riding my own bike 3 weeks ago… I had practise for several months with a friend who owns a bike, as i was syking myself and definitely saving up to get my own… Nd i finally did 3 weeks ago….😊😊