Hi there…new to biking n all.,need advice on a shinnery XY250…want it to be …


Hi there…new to biking n all.,need advice on a shinnery XY250…want it to be my starter bike,…got a deal at 180k..new..advice in favour of or against it…ur info will be of great help..



  1. with that cash you can get an Apache 160 or add some 40k and get Apache RTR 180 that will give you far much lasting impression than the China shineray,,, still you cab save some cash by buying UN extreet all of which are not Chinese,,, am telling you from a first hand experience….. i bought a Kingbird offroad very similar in engine, body and parts as shineray, it was my first bike and I never sourced for advice,,, am already bored of it and selling it to buy either Japanese or Indian,,, looking at Karizma or UM

  2. hi Morris (are you the famous Mollis) heheh
    A bike, is like a tool. The right one for you depends on what you wanna do with it. This bike is good for off-road, and if you’ll spend more than 75% of your riding on tarmac, you’ll hate it very soon. So if you plan on-road riding, look for a good dual sport that doesn’t have half the vibrations. Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda… have good 250cc that are excellent both on and off road. If you’ll do more than 75% off-road, then its good for you

  3. @Jayhere, my philosophy would be different. A second hand bike would be better for a 1st bike. One, its much cheaper so you can experiment what you want and won’t be too painful to swap later once you know what kind of rider you are and what kind of bike you want. Added “benefit” is an old bike’s frequent break-downs will teach you through the school of hard-knocks about the bike’s mechanics. one awkward day your new ultimate bike breaks down in the jungle and the sun’s going down – you’ll be grateful to know what to do!