The future looks bright for small street-bike riders.


The future looks bright for small street-bike riders.



  1. James Kinyanjui I think hero have over-stated their fact sheet. It ought not make more bhp than the Kawasaki since the rev of the Hero is 9,000 to give 31 bhp and the rev of the Kawasaki is 9,700 to give 27.62 bhp or it could be that Kawasaki understated their performance but both cannot be true at the same time.

  2. Charles Caryl Ngeno the YZF-R25 expected price seems to be KSh. 413,000 but the bike has taken a back seat because Yamaha releazed a YZF-R3 (321cc) which they are promoting massively. In the USA it retails for US $ 5,000. I think the Honda CBR 250 should be around US $ 4,000 just for your comparison.

  3. For who, Is there a displacement capacity in Kenya? I’m actually very surprised that these are making strides in biking communities in African when we have no restrictions. I’m in Ghana and I don’t see these bikes becoming popular in my life time or the next. Do you have restrictions where you are and if you do what are they. Also are there very strict laws on insurance and sound levels. What is fuel cost and what grades are readily available. Sorry for all these questions but I’m quite fascinated by the differences and shift in practices especially when I thought it was mainly the Asian markets swallowing up the smaller cc segment. I also want to know how hero had made itself relevant when you mention manufactures like kawa and Honda. Thanks guys