I was in parklands today waiting at a roundabout and a cop slowly walks over to …


I was in parklands today waiting at a roundabout and a cop slowly walks over to me, all polite, and says, “hi.” I lift up my shade visor and say hi. Then he sheepishly asks to see my license. To which I reply, “but why would you need to see that? I haven’t done anything wrong.” he goes, “but it is my job to ask such questions.” so I point at the 7 or so bodas next to me and ask, “then why haven’t you asked to see any of their licences?” and he says, “madam if you think this is a case of unfair selection then we can just forget about it.” I look at him for a second, confused… “K bye.” As I drive off.



  1. I didn’t want to pull over and go through all that.. I was suspecting that by the time I got my license out, he would have thought about some fake charges to throw at me and I just didn’t have the energy to argue. Didn’t have to though! It was great

  2. Recently was stopped by cops at night, had not carried my license. They asked for a 5k bribe and meant business. I remembered in my bag i had Ugandan notes whose value was less than 200 ksh. Risked and gave him those. They never check to confirm how much bribe you give… i then took off like a mad man. Bright side is, cops are so trusting.

  3. On my way from kitui over the weekend we were stopped by admin cops and asked to show our licenses and insurance. As i pulled mine i noticed that the cop didnt have his service no. badge pinned onto his shirt. upon asking he said that he had forgotten it in his other uniform. I pulled away my license and said that i too had forgotten it in my other clothes. His jovial face quickly changed and he lashes out…”do u want this to be a case?”

  4. He has the right to ask for your license. You have to know that some people ride or drive without a license. And what is the purpose for a license? It is however called an obstruction not to produce your license and that alone can take you to jail. Consider yourself lucky sister, that he let you go, but please don’t resist to show again. cheers

  5. Given the fact that the Police have limited resources, what should the priorities be? And what is a ‘Routine Check’? What about putting their energies to ‘Routinely stopping PSV from driving on the footpath’? or perhaps ‘Routinely stopping cars from blocking all the junctions’ ? It would be fair and reasonable to ask to see one’s license if one had just committed a traffic offence but just driving or riding along normally?? And another thing why is there more than one cop in any given place? How many does it take to control a simple junction? The issue is simply this, what do they actually think their function is?