1. The Enfield is in the background! – Not a lot of retro gear at the moment, but I have just received my Scorpion EXO 100 retro style helmet that I ordered about 2 weeks ago, Lilian got her Nitro Monaco retro open face at the same time and I am expecting my Soubirac Klipper 3 retro boots any day now. So what I’m saying is that while we build our retro stocks, feel free to look for what you want on the internet and we can get it for you.

  2. Zul Zavery hell yes I mean that, super beautiful bike especially when like all the trellis is just visible. Steve J Perkin I really tried to look for the beauty in those bikes, I even watched cafe racer on discovery and there is an episode where they modded a kawasaki 1000, the heartbreak was tremendous I couldnt watch anymore hehehe