This morning I was at ABC Place where motorcycles are now also charged for parki…


This morning I was at ABC Place where motorcycles are now also charged for parking. I have mixed feelings about that, but if that’s the way it’s gonna be… fine. The only issue I have is that when I pay the same amount as car drivers, I get the same rights as car drivers. So you raise the bar for me and provide me with a decent spot to park. As there is no decent spot to park your bike at ABC, I put it smack in the middle of a car parking spot.

I urge everyone on a bike that has to pay for parking to do the same. You pay, you park. 🙂 At least until this nonsense is done away with!



  1. I agree, Nathan, but sometimes you have no choice. And I think they will implement this at other places as well. Just because they can. They made me get a ticket at Junction for a week or so a few weeks back. No issue, and I usually am done well within the allotted free time. Now Junction is “free” again.

  2. Most of the malls dont even have space to go in for the bikes like TRM Mall ….Nakumatt Life refuses and bike to enter the underground parking.The only mall i have been to that recognizes bikes is the prestige Mall where they have actually allocated underground parking for bikes.

  3. would be a great idea for people to share their parking stores here , advice where to park and where not to , not all about cost but security and convenience also , sometimes i am not sure where the best parking can be located , it would be cool to know where places have ample parking for bikes and that is secure.

  4. Kimaru at the NTSA meeting we had attended the issue of parking up. they told us this is the county governments responsibility. from my experience even those people who have purchased the parking tickets have no allocated parking ….and just end up parking in between cars. the only way to park safe is to negotiate with an askari who looks over the bike for you

  5. My main issue is parking separately from the bodaboda. I absolutely refuse to park next to them. If it costs me 20 bob, I don’t mind that at all, as long as you said, you get a proper parking space. Ideally all these places would take 2 car spots AT THE FRONT and turn it into 5 piki spots for paying customers. The bodaboda can continue to park off in the corner some where. I’m happy to pay a small fee if I get something in return.

  6. ALSO, a bit of advice: if you park in a car spot, do not pull all the way forward. Often a car will not see your bike is there and start pulling in and I have heard of bikes being hit. So park near the back of the parking space so cars will see your bike is there before they attempt to park there.

  7. CBD: i think the only way to do it and be safe is to use private parking lots. That’s what I’ve been doing. Maybe I have to walk a block or two, but I feel safe the bike will not be towed away. Even if you have an askari walking by, when the city council shows up to take your bike, do you think he’s really going to do anything, much less have any authority? I have done that myself in the past, but it just has me to scared to do it any more.