A thought crossed my mind the other day…….why is it that the only victims of…


A thought crossed my mind the other day…….why is it that the only victims of motorbike accidents on this page are men?Just a random observation.Is there something about the female riders,is it the bikes they ride,is it how they ride ama it’s the routes they use?Just asking….



  1. Well, this is a question of Probability and is easily answered by statistics in considering parts per million opportunities. Considering the number if male riders vs female riders, what us the likelyhood of a female accident in every 100 male to female riders? Now consider the whole male and female rider population, what are the chances of a female to male accident per whole sample? Secondly, and on the other hand, much broader factors considered, and also by meadure of probability are such things as Risk Factors. People have varying degrees of Risk Threshold. So, do some male riders have higher risk profiles than our female counterparts? The higher the profile, the higher probability to error / accidents. And thirdly, biological / chemical factors influence behaviour; so lets take one example – testosterone! We’ve heard that some women have varying quantities of this, but predominantly a male factor. Does testosterone influence your behaviour? And when it does, what is the probability obedience to testosterone will expose a rider to higher risk? And that answered, considering the sample population of male to female, which is more likely to error/accident driven by testosterone? There is your answer 😊😊😊!

  2. It actually backed by research irrespective of the riding population or level of expertise. Numerous insurance companies based their premiums on this such that male car owners paid higher premiums than their female counterparts. (Testosterone,Thrill of Speed..etc) “Hunters & gatherers” stuff I guess.

  3. 2 Things. 1- There are far more male motorbike riders than women. In 100 bikers, maybe one or two females. 2 – Men take more risks, statistical facts show that women have more small accidents, car park dings etc, reversing, hitting other cars at slow speed, men usually have big accidents and more costly to insurance companies. If you look at the Darwin Awards, it’s usually men between 18 and 35.

  4. thanx louis same thing l wanted to say. yes there are female riders but just how many commute with those bikes on a daily bases? l rarely see them on normal days hence making men who ride more prone to accidents than their female countetparts and of course men are risk takers n handle it head on.