This Sunday-May 18th- Commercial Street, Industrial Area from 9am, come watch St…


This Sunday-May 18th- Commercial Street, Industrial Area from 9am, come watch Stylez Racing, Bladedoc Racing, Raven Racing, MANS Racing, Nitro Racing and other super bike teams as they battle for qualifying positions at The Super bike Championship Qualifying Trials. Bring your picnic kit and a camera to capture the action. Check out and like SuperBike Championship page for more details



  1. would be good if there was some transparency , am seeing this event is invitation only on another banner, what does that mean ? no riders unless invited ? am i the only person who wonders what is going on and when ? This is something i think can be great for Biking and Kenya , but am struggling to understand its ethos ? is it just “hey me and my mates are having a race , we closed the roads and are selling tickets” – or is it much more than that ? i think it would be great if smaller bikes could also be given their own class , that would appeal to budget racers and also maybe engage more riders who are starting out biking to feel racing is something that is not just for the mega fast mega expensive bikes and the rich.

  2. Sean Cork just to put some clarity in the issue. This is a trial run before the main event to see what needs to be done and not done for the main event. due to budget constraints the trial run is a very small affair for now. as you may know the more people we have he costs for everything increases including security, safety etc. so for now small kinda private trial run and then main event will be much bigger.

  3. Thanks Sheel C Rosso fro taking time to write , I am ( and am sure others also ) interested to learn more about the event , the rules and regulations for the events …. and what is meant by ” invitation only ” is there a website or something with this information on that i or others dont know about ?

  4. i also don’t get clear information on this event and whether its for all people or invitation only and Kchael Michaels asked some important questions in another post. the poster attached here also looks different from the one posted earlier. i also wish all categories were included in the race like last year. just my thoughts

  5. I dont understand what you mean Recuperating Lion Kman, I have tried all ways to ask people but either people dont know or they just not saying. when there are rumors of that undermine the integrity of the event in the paddock , its very disappointing to say the least.

  6. feedback from people is essential, but if you can find someone to listen to you buddy? . i am sure many things can be improved and i am sure improvements will happen regardless. The issue i am having is there is NO point of contact for this event or organisation, i am willing to offer some positive contributions from my knowledge and experience, but doors seem firmly closed.

  7. Hi David Karuri , thaks you for taking the time to write a response , i welcome the opportunity to understand more., However in my experience so far people simply don’t respond , so forgive me if i don’t send you a lengthy email with ideas as I already sent you a message on your school page and at the old superbike trophy and no one has afforded me courtesy of a response. I understand you might be something to do with the organisation of these events – but i , and quite possibly many others are struggling that there is no transparency to the “superbike championship”. but one idea might be not to have a train track running though the section of road people are racing on ? Its very hard to provide ideas or make any positive contribution that can be of value without some form of discussion and understanding of the rules and regulations and the whole format for the delivery of the championship itself.