Please let me share this here Dan Njoroge 2 hrs Hi guys need your help a biker…


Please let me share this here
Dan Njoroge
2 hrs
Hi guys need your help a biker Aguy called paul….. had an accident and he is currently admitted at meridian equator hospital kindly send in your donations to offset his medical bill currently @ ksh191,000 to his number 0721 999 511 thanks in advance



  1. ..I think I can call him a personal friend and one of the best riders I know both in personality and in skill.. I also do know Dan Njoroge though not personally..we’ve,met severally and I can vouch for them.. And yes Paul had an accident earlier on this week aboard an r6 where he was involved in an accident with a less experienced ‘bodaboda’ guy who was making an illegal u-turn.. And forgive me for saying this but to some of us a medical bill of nearly close to 200k is too high for us..not that we cant reach it but because reaching it would mean sacrificing even the clothes on our bodies.. I do not intend on calling Paul poor, all I’m trying to say is that our pockets are not evenly deep.. Please help where and if you can.. Thank you!!!

  2. ..this bodaboda guys, sorry to say, are responsible for the bad reputation that haunts us as bikers.. And sorry to say this, but I think we as the experienced bikers are partly to blame..being more experienced, skilled and more learned I think we should take it upon ourselves to educate them and let them be aware of the advantages and responsibilities that come with owning a motorbike…

  3. Dan Njoroge i hope you dont think i was suggesting it was a hoax , i did message you but you seemed to be offline at the time and i wanted to share it here in the best interest of AguycalledPaul Paul himself , was never doubting the bill could total that amount either and a Kchael Michaels says in the real world this is a lot of money for anyone . simpl y checking the number is correct for the man is a always a good thing as i don’t personally have his number to be able to know. Get Well Soon Paul . I will send some money also.

  4. ..for me being a biker is not only about skill but also about personality…the willingness and readiness to teach, to correct and to congratulate.. I always believed in the saying that owning and riding a motorbike makes you a motorcyclist…its the attitude that makes you a biker…

  5. Sending smthing in 2 hrs. And the issue with majority of boda guys is they have never being behind the wheel of a car. They can’t think like a driver. Basically when you see a boda guy just know that you are looking at a black mamba cyclist, only that this time his bicycle is motorized. Be safe peeps do not pass 120kph anywhere in the city and on the highways 150. Those boda a.holes are all over the country