hi guys, is road splitting legal in kenya? and what do you think should be done …


hi guys, is road splitting legal in kenya? and what do you think should be done to reduce the motorcycle accidents both in urban and rural areas? #Workingonsomethingandineedthisinfo



  1. The amended Traffic Act is specific to motorcyclists as regards wearing a helmet, reflective material and carrying one passenger (10K fine). If caught overlapping, driving on the pavement or cutting through a petrol station to avoid traffic you get fined 100-300K or 1 year imprisonment or both. That’s all.

  2. the fundamental road safety problem in Kenya is about peoples attitudes and their driving standards . yes kenya have introduced new rules with higher consequences for offenders – but they mean nothing without enforcement in a transparent and corruption free manner . driving licences are commonly obtained through bribe also making a mockery of the driving test ( which is also pretty poor standard ) this means there are some very bad drivers on the road especially in cars who can kill or put bikers at serious risk, if you want to improve safety you need to change people attitudes and improve skills, corruption is a problem for Kenya at so many levels , yes in my opinion it also affects your road safety. As a motorcyclist the best thing you can do is dress appropriately , keep a well maintained safe machine , and learn advanced riding skills such as how to position yourself on the road to give you the best view and defensive position as well as learn to anticipate hazards and read other road users body language etc.

  3. Sean Cork I second you. The problem with even riders is attitude, thinking that these things only happen to other people. I saw a boda boda rider yesterday overtaking a car I was in, with only one hand on the bar, while using his other hand to feed himself an apple through his very loose, unstrapped, open face helmet. If something got in his eye at that speed apart from him and his family, how many other peoples lives will he have affected by this negligent act.

  4. I used to lane split like I was on drugs….through still traffic…at mad speeds …until a car passenger decided to shuka with jam….I almost lost my hand…my idiocity taught me a hard lesson. Now I coast at literally walking speed in between traffic if need be. Sometimes we as riders feel invisible especially in traffic….Sean Cork good advice

  5. My hair splitting moment came when I decided to overlap at ngong rd, daystar university at slow moving traffic. I was just uplifting the 4th gear when this momo emerged looking out at the opposite direction of course! I instinctively hooted and swerved slightly to avoid hitting her with the left handle bar. I cruised along from there at slow mode

  6. “Lane” splitting is legal. Leave alone that but also riding on the opposite lane (two way traffic), is not legal but allowed sometimes by some officers (but obviously not at the middle of the opposite lane) in the CBD when there is heavy jam. The only way you can reduce the accidents is to be a skilled as well as experienced (riding with lower speed) rider and to wear a helmet in all cases. Other than that a rider is always in danger once you ride on an open road with cars. Goodluck in riding and enjoy.

  7. Changing lanes at roundabouts is allowed if you don’t affect anyone else, no cars swerved etc. Riding off the road is allowed if pedestrians walk between cars and don’t look, also, when car passengers open doors without looking. It’s safer for them and me. And who follows basic traffic laws in this country you idiot Dennis Gachamba, ignoramus? When you have matatus hurtling towards you on the wrong side of the road. The best form of defense is a good offense. You obviously have not got a clue you matakos. Been riding for 20 years and have competition license in Kenya and Europe, you prick.