whats the best 400 class enduro bike for kenya ? DRZ CRF or the WR – any other g…


whats the best 400 class enduro bike for kenya ? DRZ CRF or the WR – any other great bikes in this class ?



  1. Hi sean you have left out Aprilia VOR 400 EN, KTM 450 EXC, Husaberg FS 400 E. WR has the best Peak power. Honda with the best low end-power. KTM with the best suspension and slow speed. Yamaha has the overall best suspension and high speed, When it comes to “turns” its honda that leads. Husky has the best stability. The best bike for kenya or all over the world is KTM 400-450 EXC.

  2. lol, Actually the VOR is the most expensive, followed by the KTM. Yes Jap bikes are cheaper than any italian or austrian bike when it comes to enduro. If you are considering the price tag go for the honda XR-400 this bike will deliver an excellent high torque and turns compared to all, and the suzuki DRZ-400 which is the lightest and cheapest in the family with top speed (even used in motocross). If you need a bike with a great performance and power go for the WR with an average price, But the KTM packs more power, flawless suspension and superb handling work. Yes KTM maintenance is higher interms of cost, but the spares will last longer than any jap bike.

  3. was really thinking of non-competition use , so being the best performer or lightest bike in class by 2 kilos is not a factor, sure i appreciate a quality bike , but the Japs usually make reasonable and dependable stuff . the berg is pretty much a competition bike in my experience, so thats why i objected to that one – am thinking about a bike that is dependable , has parts available , rides well. and can be used on as well as off the road ( hence 400cc would probably be the min size for on road as personally id find smaller dont have enough muscle) and i think most places id visit id ride to so there would be quite bit of road use ) would want to be able to have good of road ability ( nimble enough to enjoy ) that my thoughts

  4. Again depends what you want to do. I have always found my 400s preferable to the 650s because i like to ride gnarly terrain and there is a huge weight difference. Many guys prefer tracks passable by cars where 650 is fine. Also depends on conditions. In mud or slick clay, you would be cursing the bigger bike…although dual sport tires often add to the problem also

  5. There is a big difference between 400-450cc to 600-690cc. 400cc class bikes can also go for long trips (on tarmac and rough terrain) without problems, and are 50% cheaper in cost and maintenance than the 600cc category with lighter weight. Id prefer a 400cc than 600cc any day.