I was bored at work so I decided to call honda motorcycles to see if they will b…


I was bored at work so I decided to call honda motorcycles to see if they will be bringing the cbr’s. So we talk with the head of sales who tells me that they plan to sell the ctx200 (bushwacker) for 300-400k. I swallowed my shock and asked how much the cbr250r/cbr125r would cost. So he tells me that they don’t plan on assembling them here. I informed him that the cbr250r costs ~220k in india(he didn’t know that). The guy actually thought I was lying! Told him to go Google it. Eti he will talk to his boss about it. Honda, y u disappoint!



  1. The issue with main dealers in Kenya is that there is not enough aggressive competition in Kenya. Solution:- getting a fully fledged dealership for buying and sell all brand new bikes of the ‘luxury class’ without any brand loyalty but with loyalty to fair pricing. What most dealers in Kenya don’t get is that most of us will still spend on genuine accessories! Thus lower the price of your bikes and stock up on accessories and we will end up leaving you more of our hard earned cash for more stuff. Simple economics.

  2. Honda and Yamaha are not dealers, they are part of the mother companies in Japan. Do they expect high sales figures before they reduce the cost?
    As for KTM Duke, the local cost is close to that in other countries such as UK and SA, not India where it is made.
    So as much as we’d like lower prices on big names, is this likely to happen? I don’t think so.

  3. Gichingiri We are clearly in an oligopoly in the Kenyan automotive industry. Franchise owners set out are all in the same school of thought, and comfortable where they are and with what they are getting. A forum like AND is clearly showing there is a new way of thinking. Thus the need for that independent dealer in brand new bikes and accessories. Ready to hustle and source these sub 250cc commuters at the cheapest price and bring them in. It just needs a leap of faith and patience for it shall pay off.

  4. I wonder if these companies do any market research before putting prices to bikes. This is not USA/Europe! So you cannot expect to sell bikes for the same price. I have said numerous times before that there is a huge untapped middle class potential..anyway I look for 2nd hand now

  5. It wasn’t a waste of 400million shillings, no big corporation spends big money if there wasn’t a profit involved..secondly, people pay for the quality of their product, its not “lowest price wins”! A shineray or tvs or bajaj won’t give the service and quality of a honda or yamaha. And give it some time, u will see the hondas emerging on the roads.

  6. The motorbike market is structured illogically in Kenya. It would be interesting to know how many dukes Ian sells a year, or how many inazuma’s c&g has pushed to the market. Honda should try to attain mass market appeal. And that means selling to boda boda guys, the Middle class and all the guys who want cbr1000’s.

  7. Let Honda make bodas if thats what they think will work for their bellies, as for the middle class here there is a very huge potential. I wish I had some millions I would flood this market with affordable bikes coz I feel Kariuki but for now that’s just a dream do I just continue bringing affordable accessories for now since even those are overpriced here. By the way pulsar 200ns, 220f and shineray 250ninja need to get here too