So how does someone deal with the deep dread of leaning in into corners at a rea…


So how does someone deal with the deep dread of leaning in into corners at a reasonably fast speed? Considering how shifty Apache tires are..



  1. it’s all in the twist of the wrist 🙂 …. no, seriously…. do a search for a movie called “Twist of the Wrist II” or find a friendly biker who has a copy and can give it to you. Then watch it…slowly, bit by bit, rewind where you need to, go out, ride, practice, come back, watch again, rewind, watch again, go out ride, practice…. by now you get the drift… at the end of the day – as your confidence grows (along with your comfort level in handling the bike) you will be able to throw that little thing around like the big boys Nashjuan and Aiyyub

  2. Hehe..Peter hs obviosly not been on an apache before…both hands on the bars at all times…I wldnt dare take a corner with one hand on the apache! By the way Cliford…the apache tires are surprisingly very gripy….I actually lean it more than I lean my r1!…then again Im scared crapless of the r1…but u get the idea!!

  3. Opposite impulse? I’ll have to read more about that. Dunno what that is. Riding with one hand doesn’t sound to me like a good idea… Especially on the Apache O_o
    Brian, taking a poke at someone already? Charles, how now are you scared of a bike that you own?

  4. im I scated of a bike I own.?! Kwani ur apache is rented.,! Hehe…after my accident on the r6 I decided to grow a healthy fear for this machines…Peter Pleitz…no one ever said the apache was not crap..hehe…its just way beter/above average crap than all the other crap on our road for that amount of money…hehe…

  5. Clifford the riding one-handed recommendation is an *exercise* that is designed to break your bodies natural “balance” and makeyouconsciously recognize all the different forces involved in turning/leaning/manouvering…. Don’t sneer at the advice, try it, and make sure you report back!

  6. Charles Kimenyi, don’t mind my gentle jab, I was making fun…after my first bike incident I “digested” my need to ride for a whole two months before I resolved that it is in my blood, glad I decided to continue riding and God willing I will give one of my bikes to one of my grandchildren 🙂