Ultimate Bikes Transnational limitedWhat basically happens when we talk of servi…


Ultimate Bikes Transnational limited

What basically happens when we talk of servicing your bike…
Strip the bike naked
Remove the air filter
Clean the bike engine clean
Take off the plugs
Wash the air filter or replace it
Replace the plugs with original plugs
Change the oil and oil filter after flushing
Wash your chain clean
Check your Coolant
Fit your firings correctly
Power on the bike give it a couple of minutes to run
After it cools take it for a car wash
Then you can pick up your bike after it dries
See you soon 🔜

You can visit our garage at Roasters, Thika Road , Exit 7, behind Akhai Plaza and adjacent Mountain Mall, 100m from junction.

You will find
Mecs: Izzo 0720973899
: Paul Aguy 0721999511
At your service
: Kchael Michaels 0770404877
: Alex 0781000005
: Evans 0718707733
: Edu the chef ETC 0724870873