Long post alert. Fellow riders. Today marks a year since I had my closest shav…


Long post alert.

Fellow riders.

Today marks a year since I had my closest shave yet. This was the result of a head on with a car at around 120kph. My survival with 2 broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a few bruises was just pure luck.

Why I’m I sharing this now?

I’m a seasoned rider with 21…




  1. It takes a lot of discipline to judge when to do some things when you are on a bike, I once asked someone… why are you Subaru drivers Must overtake? He said it’s not us, the machine is always tempting you to do so…
    Guess you all got my point here… so always push yourself to ride safe… remember there are better things outside the grave…Cheers

  2. just today at around 4pm i spotted a super biker on thikaroad riding in slippers and overtaking like a ninja with a bike approximately 750-1000cc based on the size.. i was scared, i dont know him but it broke my heart.. these are stories that no one ever tells when disaster strike, all we hear is “God gives God takes” RIP.. but looking back, there are things that could have been done to prevent some of these issues. another one almost crashes into a car i was travelling in along thome estate when he lane-splitted between two cars and decided to high-jump a bump standing on a dual sport bike just in between the cars just next ruaraka academy.. breaks your heart to see such behavior

  3. thanx for sharing bro

    At the mid of the year 2016 i was riding from kiambu towards limuru…it was on a sunday around 11am so the road wasnt busy at all.
    I hv nver had fear abt anythng during my trips and i hd this extreme confidence with my 650cc machine. Its quit common for us bike lovers to feel

  4. i’m glad when i started riding, i hung out a lot with older riders, one of them over 30years my seniour. i learnt how to enjoy riding, to be patient, to not suffer from imustovertakengitis… it led me to also choose bikes that are comfortable to just sit on and roll down the road. bike ikikunja mgongo mara mbili sijui ndio mtu hutaka kufika haraka, to take a break ama?

  5. You lived to write your story. We love to hide under God when tragedy strikes. We refuse to talk about it or even attempt to accept one was wrong.
    I see people being bashed for saying speed contributed to the loss of one rider or another.
    We like to believe ourselves and fellow riders as invincible until that moment of exit catches up with you.
    Tell this story and retell it. It might just jolt someone back to reality and save a life.

  6. Thanks for this. It’s the lapses in judgement that get us .. every time! The temptation to zoom past on the left of highway traffic almost sorted me out when a pedestrian appeared out of nowhere .. she was also timing the gap in the sluggish trucks. Accidents are few .. we mainly deal with consequences.

  7. One day those msa rd trucks that carry sand and blocks overtook me halfway then moved in to my side ..

    Saw it with the side of my eye..

    It hit the side mirror breaking it and squeezed my finger on the handlebar before I quickly left the tarmac for the murram..

    Got away with it but that was one close shave

  8. Reminded me of my worst crash 10 yrs ago on a similar bike AT, wasnt my mistake but hit too much front brake hence did a stoppie at 120. Suffered dislocated shoulder n a few bruises. Sometimes we think we r experienced enough but 1% change in an equation leads to disaster