A couple of things I like about this guy:

* He actually rides and does his research where he is. Read this eBook, and this will be clear (i have not finished it yet)
* He has no qualms giving out free riding info online. He doesn’t issue restrictions or threats to sharing.
* He recognises that the…


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  1. Some insightful tips from the pdf on filtering on multilane highways.

    Here in Nairobi, we also have to watch out for something I call the “bubble”. I will explain. This is when you are on a road like Mombasa Road or Waiyaki Way, and there are big gaps both in front and behind you. In other words, you are riding a “bubble” with no cars around or near you. Sounds like heaven, except it is not. Pedestrians who have been waiting over ten minutes to cross the road will dash past, bodas who don’t want to use the next exit will cross in front of you, bicycles, animals and even matatus making illegal U-turns happen here.

    Most road users are on the look out for cars, and you may not register in their vision, or they may just ignore you altogether. A friend of mine got his leg broken by a U-turning matatu this way on Waiyaki Way last year.

    So, learn to recognise when you are riding the “bubble” and be extra vigilant. My non-schooled contribution…