Fans of Kibo K150…. What’s so special on this bike that make it goes for Ksh 415K…??? Thinking loud


Fans of Kibo K150…. What’s so special on this bike that make it goes for Ksh 415K…??? Thinking loud 😏 😏



  1. The reason it costs that much is because the Kenyan system has been manipulated to allow cheap imports to line the pockets of a few wealthy individuals, while locally produced or manufactured goods incur huge taxes making them unbearably expensive. In some other parts of the world all you would have is kibo , and all the other local males that would have sprung up to supply the demand from consumers. And thousands of not more Kenyans would have jobs building those bikes. As a Kenyan I am proud of a locally manufactured bike. I can’t afford one. But I’m proud and hope we as Kenyans and people who call Kenya home can somehow contribute to make more Kibo’s and not ‘eat because it’s our turn to eat’.

  2. When you say ‘Manufactured in Kenya’ , does that mean that all the components – engine, shocks, rims, seats, etc are made here? Or do you mean that they are importing the bikes as knock down kits and assembling them here? If the latter is true, the price quoted is probably not justified as it has a hefty profit margin. For any business, this is simply unethical and cannot be sustained in the long term.

  3. hahaa if its meant to be a boda boda bike, then why should l buy a 150cc bike @400k n those are 4 well just say 3 Chinese 150cc bikes that wil earn me more! well this l have to go to a boarding school for a month to understand what makes it soo expensive

  4. Bajaj Boxer also 150cc costs less than a third of the Kibo. It is not Chinese and Bajaj owns over 50% of KTM and manufactures the smaller Dukes, which cost less than the Kibo.
    The ‘made in Kenya’ statement needs to be clarified, is it the assembly or actual manufacture from casting the engine components?

  5. You have a point but here are the facts:
    To make it economically viable to manufacture a motorbike from it’s tiniest components to the final product, we need a whole network of factories making them here, including the right quality of steel, parts, etc.
    For this to happen, you need dozens of investors willing to hold up their funds for years before any payback is received.
    Add to that the cost of capital – land prices are the single most debilitating factor for a potential investor.
    And it would take years for these investors to reach the targets they set out to achieve. By that time, technology will have changed the manufacture of motorbikes to such a different stage that their production systems would need an overhaul.
    Any guesses now why people prefer to import motorbikes rather than make them here? It has to make economic sense not emotional sense.

  6. During Total Motor Show I got a chance to meet the guys who were marketing the K150.
    I had a small chat with the guy and he did mention to me that the bike was going for something close to or less than 1/2 of the first price.
    That was in 2015 and if I can remember very well the company was on its genesis stage.
    Also here there was a guy who did a test on the same bike and was Marketing it for 250K. Can’t really recall whom it was.!