i’m stuck in a bit of traffic in nakuru town. a boda rides right up next to me, and a hawker also stops nearby. the boda guy looks at me and nods… boda: hi ni cc ngapi? me: *nods* boda: *louder* ni…


i’m stuck in a bit of traffic in nakuru town. a boda rides right up next to me, and a hawker also stops nearby. the boda guy looks at me and nods…
boda: hi ni cc ngapi?
me: *nods*
boda: *louder* ni cc ngapi hii pikipiki?
me: *nods more vigorously*
boda: *figures he might be talking to a foreigner who doesn’t know swahili* how many cc?
me: yes!
boda: *pointing at my bike with his mouth/helmet* how many cc?
me: *nodding vigorously* yes! yes!

boda and hawker guys eye me incredulously and both leave me alone… wakati mwingine sitakangi ujinga.



  1. I think it doesn’t hurt to field those questions. All bikers admire bikes and when your bike is different, be nice to those curious and brave enough to ask if you can. I have posed and taken pictures with bikers on unique bikes at malls, gas stations etc. It doesn’t lessen your bike.

  2. Sequel to this😈,
    Big cc biker lost in a remote village with all navigation toys dead rides right up to a boda and a mahindi choma vendor. the big cc guy looks at the boda and nods…
    Big cc guy: naweza pata petroli wapi?
    Boda: *nods*
    Big cc biker: *louder* naweza pata petroli wapi,ya hii pikipiki?
    Boda: *nods more vigorously*
    Big cc biker: *figures he might be talking to an immigrant who doesn’t know swahili* where can I get petroleum?
    Boda: yes!
    Big cc biker: *pointing at the bike’s tank with his mouth/helmet* petrol! Petrol! Fuel!?
    Boda: *nodding vigorously* yes! yes!
    Big cc biker eyes the duo incredulously and moves on as his bike sputters….
    Boda and and maize vendor chuckle.
    Boda to maize vendor: nikatie ya kumi.. wakati mwingine hatutakangi ujinga.

  3. What I want to know is why have guys assumed that this poster was being proud coz he has a big cc bike? Maybe he just didn’t feel like engaging in conversation. And to answer one question will invite another and another….Which he doesn’t want.
    Sometimes it’s gd not to jump to conclusions,

  4. true Riamacha, talking with them sometimes results in hilarious convos. but i’m not gona talk to a boda guy just because ooh he has a small bike and i have a big one i should be nice to him to show am nice… nah! in fact i find that attitude very condescending towards them. if i don’t wana talk to a boda guy i won’t talk to him. even if someone with a 1200 ktm adventure met me in the same situation and yelled at me on the street “hiyo ni cc ngapi?” he will get the same treatment. at least say hi. and if you want a convo stop me and say hey i just want to chat, do you have a moment?

  5. Brothers and sisters , Thanks to the person who posted this topic here . through this people have expressed their opinions, learnt something , others caught feelings , begged forgiveness , forgiven , etc . The bottom line is being who you are to others.How you treat them is how you see them from your heart . Being nice to anyone doesn’t cost anything. Some may not be able to approach you the way you like but that isn’t gateway to ignore them. Imagine at a scene of accident those very people we call Bodas will always help significantly. they are almost everywhere they’ll be of help someday .

  6. Peter you must be a really nice person. i’m not, and have no ambition to be a nice guy. kwanza if being nice means yelling back the specs of my bike to anyone that yells questions at me on the street, even when am hot and tired and aching for a rest, then am absolutely determined to never be nice. munishtaki kwa teacher on duty.

    Riamacha i lack the courage to tell people what to do with their intrusive titties, thanks for covering that bro πŸ‘Š

  7. Djo Thefu hapa kuna vile kimeumana but those convos are usually hilarious but one I loved most is a guy I pitad somewhere in shags in my ‘tiny’ XT500… Later on he catches up with me in town and he goes like this kabike can really go i tried catching up with you ukapotea. I pointed him to the cc lettering on the engine since the kathingy is 40 years old with a KTC numberplate and a thunderous flame spitting through pipe; respect was given n taken… Story za iko na radiator? Nairobi masaa ngapi ? si inakunyua sana? Tubadilishane kidogo etc I zoead on my twin I just agree let them ogle and move on. Such is life

  8. true, such is life. i have no problem with those conversations. but kama nimechoka na sitaki kukuongelesha’ i don’t care what you are riding or selling, sitakuongelesha. esp if it’s a meaningless shout at each other through helmets (with ear plugs on) on the street convo. doesn’t matter whether you are riding a GS or something from a chinese basement. if you are not quick enough to see that i don’t want to talk to you, utajiongelesha boss. and if i get into a problem and someone refuses to help me because i did not shout my bike’s cc, they can stay with their help, asi!