So my work place has given me a loan of 800k to get myself a car. Advice guys, which bike should I buy?


So my work place has given me a loan of 800k to get myself a car. Advice guys, which bike should I buy?



  1. I would get a boda lol for 70k learn with it till am so damn good on the road then employ a boda guy to carry peeops within the estate for kindu 400bob a day …buy myself a dman good bike for kindu 400k or 500k then the rest invest …not necessarily on land maybe treasury bonds …or I become a Shylock lol make money out of people’s trouble 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. All those telling me to invest the cash, problem with these employers is they’ll never give you a cent if they know you’re going to use it to get your financial freedom. They only fund things they know will chuck you more cash e.g If you ask for an loan to further your education, you can wait till you give up, but a loan to go on holiday in Zanzibar? Instant, 1 month max. So they’ll want to see the ‘car’ I bought – which in my case will be a sweet bike ( they can’t fire me for that – maybe a warning letter). A colleague recently got the axe for diverting a similar ‘car’ loan to go do a masters degree.

  3. Since you are New to the bike scene, maybe riding classes would be in order as well?

    Your bike will depend on a lot of things such as how tall/not tall(like Chege Newton..Haha), such as what you mentioned(offroad, commuting and the occasional long distance travel). I would have recommended the Duke 390 or the Pulsar AS 200 that Bill Mike was talking about but i doubt that those are off-road bikes. Still great options though.
    Maybe if off road is what you aim to do at least 70% of the time , Puzey 200 or one of those KLR enduro bikes?
    Or just get two bikes? 😊 One for the city and an off road one.
    All the best.👍

  4. Jeff is right you can get a nice beemer or tenere but good to start with an XR, no radiator, no mixing of fuel and 2 stroke oil and no battery. Trouble free and you look cool and it will take you anywhere also good fun to throw around off road if and when you get the chance.